Our 12 Favourite Dating Bars in London That Never Fail

Dating bars in London can be a really fun place to go for a first date or to meet new people entirely. The vibes are usually chill, and the drinks are flowing – it’s the perfect combo!

One of the great things about dating in London is there are so many venues to choose from that you’ll never struggle for somewhere for date night.

If you’ve just found your match on Finding The One or wherever you may have met, and you’re looking for the best bars to visit, we’ve got you sorted. We’ve narrowed down 12 of the best dating bars in London and sectioned them by location so that you can find the perfect spot for date night.

Let’s get started!

The Best Bars in Mayfair

Mayfair is full of great bars that are perfect for a romantic date. The atmosphere is always electric, and there’s plenty of places to choose from.

While Mayfair is known for being a little spenny, it really does have some contemporary and delicious bars and restaurants. Whether you’re looking for somewhere luxurious or a quiet spot for conversation, there’s something in Mayfair for everyone.

Here are some of our favourite Mayfair dating bars…

1. The Connaught Bar

Located: The Connaught, Carlos Place, Mayfair, London, W1K 2AL

The Connaught is a premium cocktail bar full of luxe art deco interiors and a world-class cocktail menu. It’s become of the best spots to go on dates and meet with people, offering an intimate vibe both day and night.

There are also various food menus, including breakfast, all-day dining and late night.

You don’t have to book a reservation, either, which is great if you’re looking for last-minute date ideas.

2. Sketch

Located: 9 Conduit St, London, W1S 2XG

Sketch is renowned for its pink interior, quirky decor, and fantastic drinks. During the day, it functions as a tea room, but during the evenings, it transforms into a vibey cocktail lounge.

It’s even regarded as one of the most Instagrammable places in London thanks to its aesthetics and food, so it’s perfect for a photogenic date.

There are different rooms to explore, including the Glade, Gallery and Parlour, each with their own unique atmosphere.

What’s more, Sketch is open late, so you can make the most of a night out if that’s your kind of vibe. And if you’re feeling peckish, there are plenty of delicious options on their menu.

The Best Bars in Farringdon

Farringdon is the best place for those who love nightlife and culture. Whether you’re looking for a new bar or restaurant, you’ll be sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

It’s located near Central London, so it’s you could even take a stroll around the city afterwards. And if you’re feeling up to it, there’s plenty of live music at some of the local venues for an added dose of culture and entertainment.

3. Be At One Bar

Location: 40-42 Charterhouse Street, London, London, EC1M 6JN

If you’re into bars that offer more of a party atmosphere, then Be At One Bar is the place to be. It’s known for its exciting (and sometimes a little rowdy) atmosphere and its selection of cocktails and delicious bar snacks – Be At One is home to over 100 different recipes.

This can be a really great way to break the ice and see if your date is up for a bit of banter.

The Best Bars on Old Street

Old Street is also located in the heart of London, and there’s no shortage of bars for you and your date to choose from.

The 1-mile long street is full of trendy and innovative dating bars, so it’s easy to find something that both you and your date are sure to enjoy.

4. Bar Nightjar

Location: 129 City Rd, London, EC1V 1JB

Located in Shoreditch, Nightjar is known for its creative cocktails and live music.

This bar has been around since 2011, and it’s still a top spot in East London. With an extensive menu of drinks, live jazz performances every night, and a romantic atmosphere, Nightjar is the perfect place to find some new connections.

We’d say this is up there with one of our favourite romantic bars in London.

The Best Chinatown Bars

Chinatown is not just for eating – there are plenty of great bars to explore too. 

From traditional Chinese teahouses to innovative cocktail bars, Chinatown is full of exciting options for a romantic date night.

5. Opium Chinatown

Located: 15-16 Gerrard St, London, W1D 6JE

Opium is a dim sum parlour and cocktail bar offering a unique and intimate dating experience. The award-winning bar Shanghai-themed bar offers various experiences, including classic cocktails masterclasses and whiskey tasting, so you can really impress your date.

With its distinctive speakeasy vibe, Opium is perfect for a romantic evening out.

The Best Bars in Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green is one of the more casual areas in London, which can be a really great place for a first date

It’s also a really diverse area, so you can find all kinds of different bars to explore. From traditional pubs to modern cocktail bars, here are some of the best spots…

6. Coupette Bar

Located: 423 Bethnal Green Rd, London, E2 0AN

Coupette is a bar that combines ‘French elegance with London’s edgy vibe’ and is well-known for its calvados and champagne cocktails.

The atmosphere is really relaxing, and it’s a great romantic bar that also offers a friendly and welcoming feel. Plus, it has a great selection of food, so you can grab something to eat before getting into the drinks.

7. The Crown Pub with Rooftop Bar

Located: 223 Grove Rd, London, E3 5SN

If you’re looking for something more chill, The Crown in Mile End is the spot. The pub downstairs has a great vibe and an impressive selection of craft beers, while the rooftop beer and wine bar offers stunning views of London’s skyline and East End.

The Crown also has some delicious food options and live music on the weekends, making it the perfect place to kickstart your night out. So, grab a pint and enjoy the vibes!

The Best Notting Hill Bars

Notting Hill is known for its trendy bars, upscale restaurants, and chic cafes. There’s something for everyone in this fashionable neighbourhood.

Here are some of the best bars Notting Hill has to offer…

8. The Little Yellow Door

Located: 6-8 All Saints Rd, London, W11 1HH

The Little Yellow Door is regarded as one of the area’s ‘best late-night cocktail bars and restaurants’ – and we’re inclined to agree!

It’s a really quirky and fun neighbourhood bar and restaurant that serves food and cocktails right from their Notting Hill flat. Yes, that’s right! This place is actually a flat-turned-bar, and the concept is really cool.

The Best Bars in Rotherhithe

Rotherhithe is in the South-East district and part of Southwark Borough. It’s a charming and historic area with plenty of pubs, bars, and restaurants to choose from.

10. Midnight Apothecary

Located: Railway Ave, London, SE16 4LF

This bar actually takes our top spot for the most romantic bars in London. It’s a really unique pop-up bar that serves botanical cocktails around a campfire

Their drinks include ingredients grown in their own rooftop garden and often change based on whatever they’re growing at that specific time. You can come back multiple times and experience totally different cocktails!

It’s a great spot to bring your date or catch up with friends, as the atmosphere here is beyond charming. It’s definitely one of our favourite spots in Rotherhithe.

The Best South Bank Bars

South Bank is, without a doubt one, of the more popular locations for drinks in London, and it’s often where non-local Londoners flock to. It’s got a great vibe and plenty of bars to choose from.

There’s more of an urban vibe here than in any other part of the city, so it’s no surprise that many bars have a more rustic and industrial setting.

11. Bar Topolski

Located: 150-152 Concert Hall Approach, London, SE1 8XU

Bar Topolski is situated underneath the railway running along Hungerford Bridge in the Victorian arches. The venue is ‘dedicated to the works of Polish artist and Royal Academician Feliks Topolski’, offering a series of incredible food and drinks.

It’s a great spot to kick off a night, and it has some of the best craft beers and ciders around. Head down on the weekends for DJs spinning soul and R&B tunes – the perfect way to start your evening.

The Best Bars in Soho

We love Soho for its eclectic atmosphere, and it’s home to some of the best bars in London. 

With tiny cocktail dens rubbing shoulders with old-fashioned pubs, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to a great night out.

12. Bar Termini

Location: 7 Old Compton St, London, W1D 5JE

Bar Termini offers an Italian-inspired cocktail experience that is among the best in London. Their talented mixologists come up with some of the most unique and creative concoctions you can find.

Plus, the bar has a range of takeaway drinks, so you can continue the party back home.

Rounding Up Our Favourite Dating Bars in London

Whether you’re after a quiet, romantic date night or an eccentric night out, you’re sure to find a great bar in London.

There are tons of options to choose from, so don’t be afraid to explore!

With Finding The One, you’ll be able to find the perfect partner to take with you to try out these different spots, and who knows, they might just be the one!

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Is a Bar a Good Place for a Date?

We think so! There are lots of bars with different vibes and atmospheres, so there’s definitely something for everyone. You can find somewhere intimate for a more personal date, or somewhere with great music and dancing for a more exciting night. It all depends on what you’re looking for!

What Are Some Popular Dating Bars in London?

One of the most romantic bars in London is the Midnight Apothecary in Rotherhithe. The bar offers a unique experience as they serve drinks made from seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

How Do You Have a Good Date a Bar?

The key is to plan ahead. Take some time to think about what kind of night you want to have and find the perfect spot. Consider the atmosphere, price range, and type of drinks offered. And don’t forget to dress for a good impression! 

Once you’ve settled on your venue, keep the conversation light and relaxed, ask questions and make sure to listen. If you’re lucky, the night might end with an invitation for a second date.

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