Navigating The Third Date: The Dos And Don’ts

Third date rules

You’ve made it into third date territory. Is it time to panic? No! Not with these tips and advice on nailing your third date experience!

Navigating your way through the first few weeks of dating can be nerve-wracking, but it’s also so exciting!

You may be thinking what three dates mean. Does this mean you can start to open up a bit more? Is it time to start making moves? Are they constantly thinking about you?

You don’t want to seem too keen, but you don’t want to look unbothered! Read on to find out just how to plan and execute the perfect third date and kick-start a new relationship!

How Much Time Between The Second Date And Third Date?

Making it to the date number three means things are starting to happen, and they’re starting to show real promise. You may be getting yourself excited at this point, but it’s important to remind yourself you’re still on the first few dates!

You want to make sure you don’t start to come on too strong. If you’re trying to decide when to suggest your third date should take place, it’s worth reviewing the time between date one and two.

You also want to gauge their feelings and excitement, though this may not be easy. By no means are you an official couple yet, but there will be things you have learned about the other person.

Think back to previous conversations and try to tap into what they’d think is best. You want to suggest a third date, time and place that reflects your first two successful dates and shows promise for dates in the future.

Memorable Third Date Ideas

Have you been wracking your brain? You should have spent two previous dates listening to your date and getting to know their likes, dislikes and things they may want to do.

They may even have been dropping hints! You want to try to customise your date ideas to make them truly meaningful and memorable.

If you’re unsure of what to do as your third date, here are some classic examples:

Dinner and a Local Show 

A classic date idea, great for getting to know each other and enjoying some delicious food. This you can personalise to your date. Eat their favourite foods and see their favourite music played live, for example!

Bar Hopping 

Get to know your date. Perfect for developing those third-date questions and answers and covering more personal ground.

Movie Night

Take a visit to your local cinema and discuss the film afterwards. You can ask what they thought of it and get to know the movies they’ve loved the most, watched the most, what they watch every Christmas, etc, etc.

Picnic in the Park 

Perfect for a romantic evening. Bring your favourite foods, drinks and some games to have fun with!

Perfecting The Third Date Conversation

Now, it is time to try your hand at getting your most burning questions answered.

Recall your previous conversations, link back to them and encourage them to elaborate on the topics they seem passionate about. This can range from their job to their family.

If you feel like the conversation is stalling, be sure to have some questions on handDon’t feel dejected if this happens, though. It’s still early doors, and although a third date is definitely progress, you’re still learning from each other and feeling out the situation, so you’re bound to come up against some conversational walls.

Different from a first or second date, this is when the conversation can get a little heavier. You can ask more questions to figure out whether you’re on the same page.

If they didn’t become apparent on the first date, some deal breakers might begin to crop up. This may be disappointing, but it’s important not to let it put you off the dating scene!

On the other hand, the conversation may be flowing better than ever. You may find your feelings growing, you’re getting more excited, and you can’t wait to see them again, and again!

This is definitely progress. And, with good third-date progress comes the next set of questions…

Making A Move: The Three Date Rule

When do you make a move? Should you wait until the third date or after?

Some people like to become intimate within the first two dates, and that is absolutely fine! Getting to know someone physically early on the first date is – in fact – what almost half of daters tend to do.

The sexual wellness brand, Lovehoney, found that 49% of daters have enjoyed sex on the first date, making it far from a taboo subject.

However, if you’re someone who likes to wait, the third date is one that will start to stir questions.

Should you Follow the Third Date Rule?

Ultimately, it all comes down to preference and whatever you and the person you’re dating are comfortable with. 

After making it to the third date, you can definitely start to feel more confident moving the conversation to more sexualised topics. Being respectful and discussing with your date is the best way forward in this scenario.

One thing you SHOULD avoid doing is aiming to please or doing what you think is expected of you.

It’s easy to begin the third date worrying about what your date thinks of your physical progression. They say they’re happy with waiting, but would they start to look elsewhere?

Silence the worries in your head by communicating effectively. The best way to feel safe and confident is to use your words!

What Happens Next?

If you’re still reading, our guess is you made it through date number three. Well done, you!

Getting through the third date means you’re likely to be out in the clear and have a blossoming potential relationship. So, what do you do now?

You want to show that you’re really ready, starting to invest time and effort. Sharing your schedules with each other is a great start in showing you’re seriously interested.

Be ready to divulge the real you. By this point, you want to make sure you’re being honest with your date and not compromising on feeling open and comfortable.

Finding a potential partner stirs up those feelings we all know and love. There’s the excitement of the upcoming honeymoon period and the feeling of knowing you’ve found something worth pursuing. It’s a big deal!

You’ve read our third date tips, now to spend time really getting to know a new partner, and enjoy the ride!

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What Should Happen On The Third Date?

The third date is a perfect opportunity to get to know each other better and discuss your thoughts on the relationship. You should include an activity that shows you’re starting to get to know each other and comfortable to feel at ease whilst having fun.

Time for plenty of conversation is crucial, allowing you to delve into some deeper topics and prepare for the next stage!

What Is Normal For A Third Date?

There is no blueprint for a third date, or first or second date for that matter. What matters is that you and your date do what feels right and safe at your personal point in your relationship. There is no normal. So, have fun, feel relaxed and just enjoy each other’s company in your own unique way!

Is The Third Date Serious?

Making it past the first couple of dates tends to show you both have a real interest in each other and that it could grow into something bigger. Chat, explore and get to know one another in a more in depth way than before.

If things go well with the third date, you’ll know it has the potential to go somewhere really special!

What Are The Third Date Rules?

There isn’t a rule book for how to date, sadly, but we do offer some top date tips to help you feel your way through those awkward first stages!

If you’re on a third date, be more present than you have before. Show real interest and prove you’ve been listening previously. Discuss the finer details and have fun getting to know one another more intimately!

Should You Wait Until The Third Date?

A lot of people have a third-date rule. But knowing when to make your move is a decision that can only be made based on personal preference. Make sure both you and your date are completely comfortable and on the same page when it comes to intimacy. Ignore what your peers may be saying and go at your own pace without pressure. It’s more fun that way!

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