The 7 Hottest Dating Events in London

If you’re on the hunt for dating events in London that will help you separate the good, the bad and the ugly, we’ve got plenty of ideas for you to pick from.

First and foremost, dating should be fun, and the events you go to should be an enjoyable experience. But if you choose right, you can also use it as an opportunity to whittle out the people who are right for you and focus your time on those who could be a potential match for life.

We’ve done some scouring on the world wide web to bring you a list of the 7 hottest dating events in London.

#1 Speed Dating Events in London

This list isn’t in any particular order, but we really do love speed dating – it’s not as scary as it seems! Everyone there is feeling the nerves, but that’s part of the experience.

Speed dating in London s a great way to get out there and meet people, with the potential of finding someone you like in one evening. You could even go along with your friends and make a night of it!

There are lots of popular London speed dating event hosts; some of the most popular include SpeedDater and Date In A Dash.

Tailored Speed Dating Events

You can even find unique speed dating events that are tailored to people with specific interests, hobbies, religions, ages and professions. These are fun and give you the chance to meet lots of like-minded people in one evening.

There are more and more events like these popping up all over London, so keep your eyes peeled!

#2 Quiz Dating London

You can’t beat a good quiz night at the pub or bar, so why not combine it with dating? Quiz dating is a great way to meet new people in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

At these events, you’ll be partnered up with someone else for the duration of the quiz, and whoever gets the highest score will be declared the winner. It’s a really great way to meet a group of people in a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere. You’ll have breaks before and after to mingle with everyone and get chatting.

Original Dating is a speed dating company that regularly hosts quiz dating events, so they’re a good place to start looking.

#3 Long-Term Relationship Dating Events

The dating pool is full of people who are looking for short-term flings, but what about those of us who want something genuine? Well, there are dating events in London for that, too!

There are many dating events set up specifically for singles who are looking for a long-term relationship. 

These events usually have more of a focus on conversation and getting to know each other than the typical speed dating event, and are tailored to those who want something a bit more serious. 

It’s quite encouraging to know that everyone else present is also looking for something lasting, so it’s a great place to get started.

Finding The One: The Dating App That Cuts the Chat

Finding your future long-term partner is a long process, and you often have to go through multiple bad dates to maybe, eventually, find the one. With Finding The One, we help London singles find their perfect match sooner by cutting down on the chat.

Most dating apps can leave you stuck in an endless phase of swiping and messaging and never getting anywhere. We’re different in the key sense that we encourage you to get straight to the date, leaving more time for genuine connection-building.

Register for Finding The One today and get ready to meet your perfect match faster than ever.

#4 Speed Dating with Board Games

It might sound like a strange one, but it’s tons of fun. Speed dating with board games is a great way to meet people in a relaxed environment. 

There’s much less room for any awkwardness or feeling uncomfortable; it’s just plain, simple fun.

At each table, you’ll have different board games to pick from. You’ll get a set amount of time with each person, so you can move on to the next game after that. It’s a leisurely way to get to know people better and keep things light.

#5 Singles Parties & Nights London

If you love your Friday and Saturday night’s out in the city, a singles party or singles nights could be just the ticket. 

Head to a singles night in London, and you’ll be surrounded by others hoping to find love. It’s a great way to meet potential partners, with music, dancing, and conversation all in one place.

Plus, some of these upcoming events will have amazing themes that make them extra special.

Singles bar crawls are also very popular, and there’s no better way to get familiar with London than by going out for a few drinks and a good time.

These are usually busy events hosted at popular London bars and nightclubs, so keep your eyes peeled on places like EventBrite for dates.

#6 Video Game Speed Dating London

Video game speed dating is an awesome way to meet other singles if you’re a gamer at heart. It’s a great way to bond over mutual interests and have fun together without the pressure of traditional dates.

You can have a laugh and get a little competitive over a round of Overwatch or something more laid-back like Mario Kart. And we think competition is a good thing!

#7 Tennis Speed Dating Events London

This is certainly a niche one, but it’s fun nonetheless! Tennis dating events essentially brings together people who love to play and watch tennis.

You can meet up for a chat over a friendly game and have fun while connecting with other singles. Just like speed dating, you’ll get to talk to several people over a few hours, and who knows – maybe you’ll click with someone special!

Rounding Up: The Hottest London Dating Events

With a bit of research, you can find plenty of dating events in London that cater to all types of interests. Whether it’s a wine-tasting session, speed dating, or something as niche as tennis: there’s a dating event for everyone in the city.

Still, if after all your efforts you can’t seem to find that person you click with, you can always take a look at dating apps, just like Finding The One

We’re different to other dating sites and apps in that we put emphasis on quality over quantity. We take time to get to know our members, so we can help you find someone who truly suits your lifestyle and tastes.

Ready to find a great date? Sign up for Finding The One today!


How Do I Meet Singles in London?

There are lots of ways to meet London singles. Dating events are always a good option as there’s so many tailored to different interests. Dating apps, like Finding The One, are also another great way to meet singles in London.

Should I Go Speed Dating?

Speed dating is definitely not as scary as people think. There are lots of specific speed dating events that can make the atmosphere feel more comfortable, like video game and board game speed dating.

How Do You Prepare for a Dating Event?

First step: breathe. Try to calm any first-date nerves before heading out. Pick your outfit a couple days before so you’re not adding to the stress. Make sure you’re well-rested and have eaten something before going, and this will help with any nerves. Do a bit of research into the event so you know what to expect before you get there.

Is Online Dating Better Than Real Life?

Online dating certainly has some benefits over real-life dating, like convenience, privacy, and a large pool of potential matches. But eventually, online dating will lead to real-life dating, so you should look at it as more of a supplement to your dating life.

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