Love At First Date? 5 Tell-Tale Signs of a Good First Date!

It’s no secret that a first date can be a nerve-wracking experience. Especially if you’ve been out of the dating game for a while, recognising the signs of a great date can be hard.

Of course, you’ll want to be able to tell if they’re genuinely interested! Nobody wants to spend an entire date talking and then never hear from them again.

It can sometimes be tricky to tell whether you are genuinely connecting or not, and whether the person you’re talking to is interested in taking things any further for a second date. 

Here are five tell-tale signs a first date is going well!

1. They Take Time Getting To Know You

One of the best signs of a bad date is when the person sitting across from you spends the entire time talking about themselves. Either that or they talk about their ex! A good sign that they are genuinely interested is if they take the time to get to know you.

A good date will want to know all about you, and they will ask a lot of questions. 

That can sometimes feel a little intimidating, but remember that if they are asking, they want to know. It’s a great sign if someone is listening and is aware that they should not be doing all the talking.

2. They Make You Laugh

This one is a bit of a cliché, but it is absolutely true. A good first date should be fun; it should not be a nerve-wracking encounter from start to finish. 

So, if your date is making you laugh, it’s a great sign that you share a sense of humour which is one of the most important things.

Making you laugh is also important because it shows that you are relaxed. It’s more than an indicator that they made a good joke; it shows that you’re enjoying yourself. 

If you don’t feel that way in their company, you probably won’t be laughing; you’ll be thinking about whether you could catch the bus if you leave right now. 

3. They Show Signs Of Interest

How to know they are interested

Wanting to know about you is a good sign that someone is interested, but there are other ways to tell if someone is showing signs of interest. Eye contact and body language are two things that you should look out for.

If someone is not interested, then they will probably be scanning the room or be easily distracted. 

Good eye contact shows that the other person is engaged, and body language is crucial, too. 

Watch for subtle signs of boredom or disinterest, such as fidgeting or checking their phone. Some discomfort may be signs that they are nervous, but you should feel like their whole attention is directed at you.

4. They Show Signs Of Respect

Respect is so important, and there are plenty of good signs that you can look for to tell if they respect you and your time. 

They should match the level of physical contact that you feel comfortable with and be able to read the situation clearly. If they respect your boundaries, that’s a very good sign.

But respect also means manners, such as not checking their phone every five minutes. It means asking if you’d like another drink instead of ordering for yourself or asking for the bill before you’re ready. 

A good first date should make you feel comfortable and special.

5. They Make Plans For A Second Date

Second date ideas

Arguably the best sign that you have had a good first date is when they make plans for a second date. Of course, it should be a mutual decision, but if it’s getting towards the end of the date and they start talking about a second one, this is a great sign!

If the conversation has flowed, they have made you laugh, they have seemed genuinely interested, and they have treated you with respect, then a second date is the natural next step. 

If they start making plans for it first, then you know that they have felt the same way.

Second Date Ideas

The second date can sometimes seem more intimidating than the first. A first date is usually a drink at a bar or meeting over a coffee. With a second date, it can seem like you need to step things up. 

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  1. Going for dinner 
  2. Head for a romantic walk
  3. Go somewhere you love 
  4. Try cooking together 
  5. Go to a concert 

Second dates are an opportunity for you to deepen the connection with your date and show them something more of yourself!

But How Do You Tell If A Date Hasn’t Gone Well?

Signs of a bad date

On the other hand, you may have the feeling that your date has not gone well. It can be horrible when you aren’t sure whether they are into you are not, but there are the best signs that you can look for.

Look out for…

  • Checking their phone constantly, especially while they are talking.
  • Talking about themselves or about their ex-partner, or other dates that they have been on.
  • If their body language says that they are bored or uncomfortable. If they are looking away or leaning back from you, this is a good sign.
  • If a second date is not mentioned at all, even in passing.
  • If they move away from any kind of physical contact – such as holding hands or a farewell kiss.
  • If they don’t laugh at your jokes or don’t seem interested in what you have to say.

It is disappointing if you had high hopes for a good first date and it does not feel like there is a spark or connection there. 

But what you need to remember is that this is not a reflection on you. Your perfect match is out there!

Summary: All The Signs Of A Good First Date

It can often feel like you are reading too much into things if you are nervous about your first date, but the signs of a good one should be pretty clear. If they are making you laugh, if the conversation flows, and if there is positive body language, these are all good signs.

If they are serious, they will be interested in you and ask lots of questions. They will have shown you respect and talked about a second date. A great first date should leave you feeling happy and excited for what’s to come.

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What are the red flags on a first date?

Red flags on a first date are often signs that the person is not interested, such as fidgeting, looking around the room or playing on their phone. You should watch out for boundaries not being respected, physically or conversationally. If they spend the entire time talking about themselves or their ex, then you should think again.

How long should 1st date last?

The first date should last as long as you both feel comfortable. There are no set rules for a first date length, and if you are both having a great time there is nothing wrong with a short one. A short date might signal that it didn’t go well, but if you make plans for a second, you shouldn’t be too worried.

Should you kiss on the first date?

Some people have different opinions on whether you should kiss on a first date, but the golden rule is that you should do whatever you feel comfortable with. If you’re into them and you’re having a great time, go for it! If you want to wait, that is entirely your prerogative.

How do you tell if a guy likes you after a first date?

The best way to tell if a guy likes you after a first date is if they plan for a second one! It can be nail-biting if they leave it a while to message you, and if it’s been a few days then that may be a sign that they are not interested. 

If a guy likes you, he should get in touch to reconnect and arrange a second date in a day or two.

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