The London Dating App For Serious Relationships: Finding The One’s Unique Approach

Dating apps seem to come and go as quickly as trends do, so it can be hard to keep up with the times. That’s why London Dating App for Serious Relationships: Finding The One stands out from the rest!

Unlike other dating apps, FTO is specifically designed for those who are looking for serious relationships and long-term commitments. Instead of swiping through endless profiles on dating sites, users create unique profile that quickly communicates their values, interests, and relationship goals.

Each user is then matched with others based on compatibility, making it easier to find someone in London who shares similar values and interests, rather than having to find out on the first date that you have absolutely nothing in common.

Once users have found someone they are interested in, they can then plan “dates” together through the app! 

We believe that the best way to actually connect with someone on a deeper level is to meet in-person. After all – how much can you truly learn about someone through a screen?

Compatibility-Focused Matchmaking

Dating websites and online dating are great for casual dating or a quick hookup – if that’s what you’re into (which not everyone is!).

What makes us at Finding The One one of the best dating apps for London singles is our focus on compatibility-focused matching – in other words, helping you find someone that you actually mesh well with rather than someone you’re probably better off keeping in the friend zone.

Our users are serious about getting serious, which means we’re one of the only dating apps in London focused on helping our users find long-term relationships and serious relationships.

Who’s Finding The One For?

If you’re in the speed dating or online dating scene looking for quick hookups and short flings, we’re afraid you won’t find that here. We don’t want to be blunt about it!

Our dating app is for Londoners who are interested in serious relationships – none of the casual stuff here! The most popular types of people on our app are:

  • People looking for long-term relationships
  • People looking for committed relationships
  • Young adults who don’t want to waste time on meaningless flings
  • People who want to find someone with similar values and interests

We understand that dating can be daunting, especially if you’re on the search for serious relationships. That’s why we’ve made Finding The One dating app for Londoners easy to use, so you can focus on finding your perfect match without any of the stress.

Why Is Finding The One The Best London Dating App?

There’s no denying that the world of dating sites is a little saturated. With the likes of dating giants, there are tons of different providers out there to choose from.

So, why should you consider using Finding The One?

Create a Unique and Detailed Dating Profile

One of the first steps to finding that special someone is creating a unique dating profile. Think of your profile as your dating CV – including everything potential matches might need to know about you (well, maybe not everything, but definitely nothing that will leave them wondering!).

At FTO, you can create a detailed dating profile so that we only match you with people who share the same values and interests as you. Nobody wants to be stuck on a date with someone they have absolutely nothing in common with – most of the time; opposites do NOT attract.

If you include things like your hobbies, your passions, your pets – anything that you think will help us match you with someone who is on the same wavelength as you.

Our Compatibility Algorithm

Our compatibility algorithm works cleverly behind the scenes to match you with the best-suited matches. Unlike a lot of other dating apps, we don’t just match you with people whose interests may be similar to yours.

We take things one step further by matching you with someone whose level of compatibility is similar to yours. The more compatible you are, the higher chance you have of finding that special someone!

Plus, our dating app experts are always looking at new ways to improve our matching process, so you can rest assured that your matches will always be accurate.

Great Dating Success Rate

Thanks to all the nifty features behind the scenes, our users have reported a great success rate. Of course, nobody wants to use a dating app that’s not going to provide them with any results!

Our users have reported a great success rate with finding serious relationships and long-term commitments, which is exactly what FTO is all about!

Which Areas Does Your London Dating App Serve?

Everyone who lives in London knows that the dating pool can be a little overwhelming at the best of times. With over 8 million people living in London, how are you supposed to find someone?

Our dating app is targeted towards:

We cover all areas of London, so no matter where you live or who you’re looking for, you can search through potential matches all over, from your phone!

As we’re working on our app, we’re hoping to expand and cover other cities in the UK as well. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

How To Download Finding The One, The Best London Dating App For Serious Relationships

You’re probably eager to get started on exploring the Finding The One dating pool, right? Well, it’s super simple to get started!

Step 1: Head over to your mobile phone’s app store (you’ll find us on Apple Store and Google Play) and search for Finding The One.

Step 2: Download our app (it’ll only take a few minutes!)

Step 3: You’ll then be asked to set up your dating profile. Include all of the things we talked about earlier – your hobbies, interests, values, who you’re looking for and so on. Don’t forget to add a couple of photos of yourself!

Step 4: Let the app do the talking! You’ll be matched with other Londoners who you have the most in common with.

Step 5: Once you’re matched with someone who you think you’d like to meet, send them a message and arrange a date!

Our free dating app is really easy to use – there are no unnecessary fancy features that could confuse you. All you have to do is focus on finding the one!

Are you ready to start your dating journey? Download Finding The One today and start meeting serious singles in London!


How do I find people to date in London?

Your best bet is to sign up for free dating sites or apps. There are a lot of people in London, and finding the one seems impossible. But, actually, with dating apps like Finding The One, you can quickly filter through the millions of people and find someone who is compatible with you.

How can I date in London without dating apps?

Speed dating and singles events can be a good way to date in London without dating apps. However, you’ll have to be a pretty confident and outgoing person to place yourself in those types of environments.

Free dating apps like Finding The One are a great way to make sure you’re connecting with the right people.

Is it easy to date in London?

Dating in London is known for being difficult. But that doesn’t mean it has to be impossible! Some of the best dating sites and apps work to make finding someone in London easier than ever.

With Finding The One, you can quickly filter through potential matches and set up a first date with someone who shares the same values and interests as you.

What is the most serious dating site?

Finding The One is the perfect dating app for people looking for a serious and long-term relationship. There are a lot of dating apps out there that focus on flings and short-term dating, but FTO is specifically designed for Londoners looking to find the one.

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