101 Date Ideas in London That Are Actually Fun

London truly is one of the best places in the UK to go on dates. There are so many quirky and fun locations, as well as more subdued and relaxed, depending on the vibe you’re going for.

We’ve collected a list of 101 London date ideas that you can use to get started. Whether you’ve found your matching on Finding The One and you’re getting ready for your first date, or you’ve been with your partner for a while, and you’re a little fed up with the classic ‘dinner and movies‘, this list is sure to give you some inspiration.

We’ve also split these out into categories, like cheap date ideas and fun date ideas, to help you find the perfect activity for your date.

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Fun & Adventurous Dates in London

If you’re in the mood for a date night or daytime date that’s a bit more adventurous, London has plenty of fun activities to choose from, both in and around the city.

Here are our top 17 picks:

  1. Kayaking on the River Thames
  2. Climbing the O2 Arena
  3. VR gaming experience in Central London
  4. Interactive gaming at Four Thieves
  5. Escape rooms in central London
  6. Indoor skydiving at a vertical wind tunnel
  7. Dance lessons – salsa, ballroom, or swing
  8. London Bridge Experience for thrill-seekers
  9. Attend an Immersive Theatre Experience with Secret Cinema
  10. Crazy golf fun at Puttshack or Swingers
  11. Rollerskating at Roller Nation
  12. Boat ride through Little Venice
  13. Bike ride along the Canal from Paddington to Camden
  14. Paddleboarding on the London docks
  15. A night at The Globe Theatre for Shakespeare enthusiasts
  16. Thames riverside walk at sunset
  17. Harry Potter Walking Tour of iconic movie locations

We think these fun date ideas are great for new couples who might still be learning about their partner’s interests and who are looking for something more creative than a night out at the movies. 

With all these experiences, you can create unique memories together that you will remember forever.

Relaxed & Romantic Dates Ideas London

If you and you’re partner are hopeless romantics, or you have an anniversary coming up, a romantic date is definitely in the books.

Here are some of our favourite romantic date ideas in London:

  1. DIY movie night in Hyde Park with a portable projector
  2. Rooftop bar hop around the city’s best vistas
  3. Greenwich Park picnic followed by a visit to the Royal Observatory
  4. Jazz night at Ronnie Scott’s
  5. A West End musical or play
  6. Candlelit concerts at historic churches around London
  7. Spa day at one of London’s urban spas
  8. Thames Sunset Cruise
  9. Visit the Sky Garden for panoramic views
  10. Kew Gardens – exploring the treetop walkway and greenhouses
  11. Midnight stroll at the Tower Bridge
  12. Sunset viewing from Primrose Hill
  13. Open Air Theatre at Regent’s Park in summer
  14. Gourmet picnic at Alexandra Palace with city views
  15. Cruise the Thames during a moonlit night
  16. Wander through Kyoto Garden in Holland Park
  17. Candlelit visit to Sir John Soane’s Museum

You could even combine a few of these date ideas together for a truly romantic evening out, like a walk through Kew Gardens followed by a gourmet picnic at Alexandra Palace. Whatever you choose to do, it’s sure to get the love flowin’!

Cheap & Budget-Friendly Dates in London

Not all of us have the cash to splash on big, grand dates (certainly not with London’s prices!). That doesn’t mean you can’t have a fantastic time!

Here are some budget-friendly date ideas that will make your wallet and heart happy:

  1. Street Food Adventures at Borough Market or Brick Lane
  2. Scavenger Hunt around Covent Garden
  3. Vintage shopping in Shoreditch
  4. Board games at Draughts, London’s board game cafe
  5. Walking tour of historical London pubs
  6. Mudlarking along the Thames at low tide
  7. Post-dinner gelato at Covent Garden
  8. Karaoke night in Soho
  9. Vinyl hunting at Soho’s record stores
  10. A day at the Columbia Road Flower Market
  11. Peruse the vintage stores of Peckham
  12. Street art exploration in Brixton
  13. Visit Camden Market and explore its eclectic stalls and food spots
  14. Visit God’s Own Junkyard for neon lights and art
  15. Comedy Club night at The Comedy Store
  16. Shop and dine at Kingly Court, off Carnaby Street
  17. Attend a local festival – like the Thames Festival

Each of these activities offers a wonderful opportunity to explore London’s unique and vibrant culture. Whether you’re looking for vintage finds, interesting street art, delicious food, or good old-fashioned fun.

Cultural & Artsy Dates in London

If you consider yourself to be a bit of an art and culture aficionado, then London has some great activities for you.

Here are our top picks:

  1. Visit Tate Modern and explore contemporary art
  2. Dance class dates – salsa, swing, or contemporary
  3. Attend a live podcast recording or a TEDxLondon event
  4. Art and culture mixers – attend art openings or intimate gigs
  5. Graffiti art walk in Brick Lane
  6. Attend an indie film screening at the BFI Southbank
  7. Join a live art class at The National Gallery
  8. Join a photography walk capturing London’s beauty
  9. Muse over modern art at Saatchi Gallery
  10. Wine and paint night in central London
  11. A night at the Electric Cinema
  12. A night at Electric Brixton for live music lovers
  13. Japanese Garden in Holland Park
  14. A stroll down Southbank with street performers and food stalls
  15. Vintage cinema night at The Phoenix Cinema
  16. Gourmet coffee tasting in East London’s artisan cafes

We love experiencing the unique vibe of London, and there is no better way to do it than to try out a variety of activities. 

Whether it’s exploring Brick Lane’s graffiti, visiting an indie film screening or taking part in a cinema night – there are plenty of options for those looking for something different to do in London.

Unique & Quirky Dates Ideas London

For those looking for something unique and quirky, London offers plenty of activities that aren’t your standard date nights.

Here are our quirky London date ideas:

  1. Dinner in the Dark – sensory dining experience
  2. Boat dating events on the Thames
  3. Wine tasting & cocktail making evenings
  4. Perfume-making workshop – create signature scents for each other.
  5. Tea tasting in Chinatown
  6. Tour the Hidden Bars of London
  7. Ride the Emirates Air Line Cable Car over the Thames
  8. Yoga class at one of London’s urban parks
  9. Attend a cooking class together
  10. Attend a gin-tasting experience
  11. Dim sum dining in Chinatown
  12. London Zoo Lates – enjoy the zoo after hours
  13. Visit Eltham Palace for a mix of medieval and art deco
  14. Champagne Experience on the London Eye
  15. Art Deco Afternoon Tea at Claridge’s
  16. Whiskey lounge experience for spirit enthusiasts

We love these ideas, and there are plenty of options to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find something special that resonates with both of you.

How to Get Ready for Your Date in London

Once you’ve both settled on the location, you’ll need to start getting yourself ready and make sure everything is set.

Travel Arrangements

If you’re planning on travelling to the other side of London, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got your travel sorted. 

Whether that’s catching an Uber or jumping on the Tube, take into account the time it’s going to take to get there (if you have reservations or plan to meet at a certain time) and plan your journey accordingly.

London is notorious for bad traffic, so it’s always best to plan in advance – and maybe even leave yourself some time for delays!

Date Outfits

This might be the most important one of all: the date outfit. Dress accordingly for the date, but also comfortably. There’s nothing worse than feeling self-conscious in an outfit, so choose something that won’t make you feel uncomfortable or restricted.

The more confident you are in yourself, the more it will come across to your date – and that’s attractive!

Self-Care Before the Date

As well as looking good, you want to feel good. We like to take a couple of hours before the date to indulge in some of our favourite self-care practices. 

Of course, self-care looks different for everyone, but here’s some ideas:

  • Do a double mask – Apply a face mask and hair mask at the same time and take a nice hot shower or bath to soak off
  • Listen to your favourite songs – We’ve even listen to a playlist full of songs before your first-date to get us in the mood
  • Write down your positive attributes – One way to boost our self-confidence is to remind ourselves about all the things that make us unique and special
  • Do some yoga or meditation – This helps us settle any anxious thoughts and get grounded before we go out for a date.
  • Go on a short walk – Don’t go too far, especially if you’re planning on walking round during your date, but a little bit of time alone outside can do you mind some good and calm any nerves.

Pack Any Bags

Pack your bag a little in advance so you don’t forget anything. Make sure you take your bank cards, any cash, travel cards, venue tickets, deodorant, and anything else you think might be useful.

Have Fun!

We know it’s cheesy, but remember to have fun! Dating can be nerve-wracking but try to relax, enjoy yourself, and don’t forget to smile.


Where Should I Go on a Date in London?

There are lots of incredible places you can go to in London for a date. Think about the vibe you’re going for – do you want a romantic date, relaxing outdoor date ideas, or something a little adventurous? Check out our list of date ideas in London, and you’re sure to find something that’s perfect.

Where Should I Go on a Date in South London?

Borough Market in Southwark is a great place to go for a date. From the delicious food stalls to the unique atmosphere, this is sure to be an enjoyable and memorable experience. You can also visit any of South London’s beautiful parks, such as Brockwell Park or Clapham Common – perfect for getting some fresh air and having a picnic.

Is Boxpark Good for a Date?

We think Boxpark is a great London date idea. It’s pretty multifaceted – there’s lots of options for food, drinks, a few games rooms (crazy mini golf, for example) and events.

Where Should I Go on a Date Last Minute?

If you’ve left it really last minute, you might find it difficult to make reservations for places, so you’ll probably have to opt for something more flexible. A walk along the Southbank is always a great option, or you could check out one of London’s many rooftop bars. Even something simple like at-home movie night can make fun date nights.

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