25 Epic Double Date Ideas: From Sunset Strolls to Starlit Soirees

Suggesting a double date with a friend can be a super-fun experience, but only if you’ve got some epic double date ideas to back it up! Whether you’re both getting to know someone new or making time to rekindle the magic of your relationship, spending quality time together in a group is super important!

One thing we’ve all experienced when dating is getting stuck in a date night routine. The same bars, the same taxis, the same “Your place or mine?” questions. There’s no need to get stuck in this rut of endless trivia night(s), and an easy way to break out of it is to go on some double dates with your couple friends or even a couple you’ve just met!

If you’ve just found your match on Finding The One, or you’re looking for the best double date ideas, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at some of the best double-date ideas we’ve found. (We even sectioned them by theme to help you find the perfect date night for four.)

18 double date ideas:
Sunset beach strolls
Woodland walks
Evening city saunters
Beachside bonfire
Games on the beach
Cooking classes
Wine tasting
Themed dinners
Visiting an art gallery
A night at the theatre
Visit a rooftop bar
Outdoor movie night
A starlit picnic
Escape rooms
Tree top zipline adventures
City-wide scavenger hunt
A spa day
Classic games night

1. Sunset Strolls

Sunset is a classically romantic time of day, so it’s the perfect time to plan a double date with your beau and your friends. Taking a walk at sunset is an intensely romantic moment and can be a fun activity with beautiful lighting

Here are some of the best settings for a sunset stroll.

Sandy Sunset Dreams

If you’re looking for the ultimate romantic date night idea, you can’t beat a sunset walk on a beach – preferably sandy, but pebble is fine too – even in the UK. Kicking your shoes off and feeling the warm sand (or pebbles) beneath your feet as you stroll hand in hand is about as Hallmark romantic as you can get.

The great thing about a romantic stroll on the beach is that there’s always the opportunity for a bit of fun and mischief. Having a cheeky splash in the sea with your date and friends is a great way to break the ice, bond, and create fun memories.

The UK’s top-rated romantic beaches Trevose Head, North CornwallBotany Bay, KentAldeburgh, Suffolk

Woodland Wonderland

Not everyone is lucky enough to live near the sea, but that does mean romantic walks are out of the question. Woodland makes another great location for a romantic stroll at sunset. Watching the dappled sunlight on the forest floor helps create the romantic setting, perfect for a double date.

The wonderful thing about a woodland walk is that there’s plenty to look at and talk about

To keep things interesting for everyone on the group date, you can set a photo challenge to capture the most mystical beam of light through the trees, or see who can photograph the local wildlife first.

The UK’s top-rated romantic woodlands Grizedale ForestThe New ForestThe Forest of Dean

A City Saunter

Even a casual saunter around your city centre can make a great double date if you frame it right. City centres have a way of all looking the same after a while, but at sunset, they can transform

Taking a stroll through your city centre as a foursome is a great way to indulge in a little people-watching. You can even tag along with a walking tour to learn more about your city.

You can easily turn your people-watching into a game to work out what people’s back story is. This is a great way to get to know your dating partner and friends. Best of all, because you’re already in the city, the date can easily morph into a double dinner date or drinks at a bar.

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The UK’s top-rated romantic cities EdinburghYorkBath

2. Beachside Bonfires

We’ve already mentioned that beaches are one of the most romantic settings for any kind of date night, but they’re much more than just somewhere to take a walk. There are many beaches where you can light a small bonfire which makes it the perfect spot to hang out for an afternoon and into the evening.

Tell Me S’more

Lighting a bonfire on a beach is the perfect way to set the scene to get to know your dating partner and the other couple involved. Spending a few hours on the beach, making classic bonfire snacks such as s’mores provides plenty of opportunity to chat.

Even if you’ve been dating someone for a while, you can learn new things about them when you spend quality time just chatting in a relaxing location.

Volleyball Courting

Of course, the beach isn’t just for relaxing. Some beaches have volleyball nets set up so you can have a few games throughout the day. This is a fun date night idea to help everybody bond and create fun memories.

Volleyball isn’t the only sport you can play on the beach. A cheap cricket set or a simple Frisbee can provide hours of entertainment and cute moments.

If you’re going to light a bonfire on a beach, make sure you’re in an area where it’s permitted. You should also make sure the fire is under control at all times and it’s fully extinguished before you leave. Remember to take all your litter with you too!

3. Culinary Adventures

Food has long been a focal point of date nights, but you don’t have to stick to the same fancy restaurant with your date night routine. There are many ways you can make a food-based date night much more interesting, all of which are perfect for a fun group date.

The Way to Their Heart

The way to any foodie’s heart is through their stomach. Instead of simply taking them out to a fancy, Michelin-starred restaurant, why not learn a new skill and take a cooking class? This is a really fun activity to do on a double date as the more people you know, the more fun it’ll be!

Cooking classes work great for both new and established relationships, and you get a delicious meal at the end.. Picking a class for a specific dish or culinary style your partner enjoys is sure to earn you bonus points! Then you can make your own version on future dates.

The UK’s top-rated cooking classes Pasta making class at Pasta LaboratoryCambridge Cookery classesForaging cooking class at Totally Wild

A Vineyard Venture

If cooking isn’t your strong point, or you think you know all there is to know about cooking and don’t need a class, a wine tasting date could be just what you need. Wine tasting is a great choice for an early date, or even a first date as the wine helps to reduce inhibitions.

Turning a wine-tasting date night into a double date is a great way to take the pressure off and allow everyone to have a good time. Wine tasting feels a little bit more refined and romantic than classic bar hopping too!

The UK’s top-rated romantic vineyards Chapel Down Vineyard, KentSharpham Vineyard, DevonRyedale Vineyard, York

Sensing a Theme

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with going for a meal on a double date, but there are some ways to make it a more interesting experience. Themed dinners or restaurants are the perfect place to explore new cuisines and cultures.

You can choose a restaurant that serves a set meal from a certain culture or country from around the world. Alternatively, if you want to keep things more lighthearted, you can choose a restaurant with a fun and entertaining theme like the 60’s or a jazz club interior. 

If you want a truly unique experience, Karen’s diner is a really fun double date idea!

The UK’s top-rated romantic restaurants Cahoots, LondonOld Station, InvernessThe Treehouse Restaurant, Alnwick

4. Cultural Immersions

Indulging your cultural side is ideal for a double date. Bringing together a group of people with similar tastes in art and culture is a beautiful way to strengthen relationships and get to know each other better. 

There are so many date activities that can be incorporated into these locations to create precious memories.

Dating Down to a Fine Art

If your relationship with your other half is still relatively new, visiting an art gallery can be a great place to see how your tastes align or differ. It’s also a relaxed and quiet location where you can have more intimate conversation.

As double date ideas go, an art gallery offers plenty of options. Because they’re so spacious, it gives you time to be alone as a couple and together as a group when you want to. Some art galleries even offer short art classes to provide additional entertainment and showcase your creative side.

A Show Stopping Date Night

Fun double date ideas don’t get much better than a night at the theatre if you’re a cultural buff. Whether you’re going to see a classic piece of theatre, or checking out a brand new musical, a night at the theatre offers so much to talk about on double dates.

Aligning on the arts and culture you enjoy is the best way to foster strong relationships. A successful double date to the theatre is a great way to create a strong foundation from which to build your relationship.

5. Starlit Soirees

Much like a sunset stroll, attending events under the stars is an innately romantic activity. The presence of the stars creates a whimsical atmosphere that’s perfect for a double date. We’ve come up with some fun double date ideas that take place beneath the stars.

A Rooftop Rendezvous

Setting a double date in a rooftop bar is the ideal way to bring a little bit of magic to a pretty traditional date night. There’s something a little bit exciting about drinking on a rooftop beneath the stars. Not only can you see the stars twinkling above you which is romantic in and of itself, there’s normally a pretty decent DJ providing the perfect soundtrack.

The best thing about having a double date at a rooftop bar is the perfect number of people for the 2-4-1 cocktail offers!

The UK’s top-rated rooftop bars Jin Bo Law Skybar, LondonLondon Bridge Rooftop, LondonSora Skybar, York

Silver Screen Stars Under the Stars

Weather permitting, a great double date idea is to attend an outdoor cinema. This is another dating activity that brings a sprinkling of celestial magic to an otherwise normal date night. There are two common types of outdoor cinemas: Drive-Ins and the kind where you sit on a bean bag or picnic blanket.

Drive-in cinemas can be the safer option that is less reliant on good weather, but open-air cinemas give you more freedom to break off into couples during the date. Some outdoor cinemas offer a movie marathon if you want a longer date.

The UK’s top-rated open-air cinemasLuna CinemaPop Up ScreensCinestock

Twilight Dining Al Fresco

Of course, a classic date night that works for couples and double date ideas is a twilight picnic. This is a naturally romantic setting that’s still relatively casual. You can impress your date by bringing homemade food if you want to show off your culinary skills!

There is something intimate about taking your date and couple friends to a local park or beauty spot to eat under the stars. This can be a great way to show off the beautiful, secret spots in your local area, ideal for a second date.

The UK’s top-rated picnic spots Hampstead HeathRoyal Victoria ParkDartmoor National Park

6. Adventure Awaits

If you’re more of an adrenaline junkie and are looking for fun double date ideas, you can’t go wrong with our selection of adventurous double date ideas. These are the perfect way to break the ice and bring some adventure to your dating life.

A Lovers’ Escape

Escape rooms have been popular among friend groups and couples for a while now, so there’s no reason why you can’t combine the two in a fun way with a double date.

The best thing about this double date idea is that the escape room you choose will set the tone of the date night so you can do this activity time and time again. While a murder mystery is a classic, there are plenty of other escape rooms to choose from.

Tree Top Thrills

If getting your blood pumping is the key to a good date night for you, we have a few double date ideas that guarantee a fun day out. Visiting an aerial adventure or zip line park is the perfect way to get your adrenaline rush while on a double or even triple date!

This isn’t something we’d recommend for a first date, but it makes for a great second date to make sure they’re up for the same adventures you are! Making it into a double date helps to build a small community of adrenaline junkies so you can go rock climbing or scale buildings together in the future.

Sensational Scavenger Hunt

Another great option for adventurers is a classic scavenger hunt. These make an interesting change from an escape room and give you a chance to see a new place with your date and friends. Most scavenger hunts provide an interactive map to help you navigate the area so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

7. Relax and Rejuvenate

Finally, we have some fun double date ideas that are perfect for more relaxed couples that want to chill out and unwind during their date. Adventurous double dates and sightseeing are great, but sometimes life can get hectic and a date night can be the perfect time to relax and spend quality time with friends.

Serene Spa Days

For couples that truly prioritise their well-being, a luxurious spa day can be a great idea. There are plenty of spas that provide couples treatments so you can really bond with your other half as you unwind.

This is one of those fun date ideas that can easily be turned into a double mini-break if you’re in the right place in your relationship.

The UK’s top-rated spa days The Newt, SomersetLimewood Spa, HampshireLucknam Park, Wiltshire

Casual Game Night

Finally, there are plenty of fun date night ideas that sound great on paper but just take too much time and money when it comes to executing them. Sometimes the best double date ideas are the simplest. A casual game night is an ideal, intimate option.

There are so many fun games you can play in the comfort of your own home. Best of all, you can go with the flow. Once you’ve played a few games, you can watch movies and see where the night leads.

The UK’s top-rated board games CatanMonopolyPandemic

Rounding Up Our Favourite Double Date Ideas

There are so many fun date ideas that are perfect for double and triple dates! Whether you’re up for a theme park or are just happy to look through a photo album, there are date activities for everyone. 

Turn your next date into a double date and see how your relationship flourishes.


Are Double Dates a Good Idea?

Double dates can be a great idea! Going on a double date can be an interesting way to spend time with your other half and your friends. It can also offer new experiences and bring a new dynamic to your relationship if you’ve only ever spent time one-on-one.

How Do You Choose a Double Date Couple?

If your relationship is new, choosing a couple to double date with can be more difficult. It’s usually going to be either your friends or theirs. This can work out really well or can make things more awkward. If you’ve been dating a while and have mutual friends, it’s best to choose a couple you’re close to and comfortable with. It also helps if they share your interests!

How Do You Flirt on a Double Date?

Flirting on a double date can definitely feel awkward sometimes, especially if one of the relationships is new! As a general rule, flirting on a double date should be subtle and intermittent. No one wants to be the couple with people who can’t stop making out. Also, it goes without saying that you never flirt with the other couple! It’s rude, uncomfortable, and an entirely different kind of situation.

How Do You Plan a Double Date?

Planning a double date is surprisingly easy! In fact, as adults, the hardest thing is finding a time that works for everyone. You can plan a date originally for two and simply ask another couple to join you, or you can plan it as a group from the start so everyone is involved. 

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