The Art Of Attraction: 9 Texts To Get Him Hooked On You

Make him your man. Flirt, tease and get fast replies with these 9 texts he won’t be able to ignore.

In this day and age, texting can be a minefield that’s just too hard to navigate. But, if you perfect your texting game, you could get onto a winning streak when it comes to scoring a date.

We’ve pooled together all the dating advice from our experts to create 9 texts to get him chasing you. From encouraging conversation to outwardly flirting and getting a little spicy, we have a text for every stage of your dating journey that will get him thinking about you!

Try out a few of these flirty texts for him, and let the sparks fly!

The Psychology of Attraction: How to Make Him Chase You

A huge question within the dating world is, “Why do we want what we want?”.

Understanding the human psyche is a great way of elevating your dating game and being able to build the foundation of a lasting relationship with someone you know is, and will remain, attracted to you.

So, what do we want? Psychology Today’s study finds that all genders and sexualities have grown to respect and look for one thing above all others in a partner: ambition.

A partner with shared values and their own sense of ambition is highly attractive in modern-day society. Showing your ambitious side and sharing your goals is one way to show you’re the perfect teammate in a young relationship. You’re not dependent on anyone else, yet you’re caring, open, and ready to share the best parts of yourself.

There are two main ways to get this message across:

Don’t Play Too Hard to Get

Playing hard to get can be endearing. But pushing it too hard, and he’ll lose interest. It can also force them to create barriers you can’t tear back down, creating an irrevocable gap between you.

You want to keep your man on his toes but don’t want to be misunderstood. In this case, show him how you don’t need him, but don’t give the wrong impression and convince him that you don’t want him around.

Be Confident in Your Authentic Self

The most important part of any relationship is to be yourself. Showing off your true colours without any reservations or second-guessing from the off.

Your personality makes you unique and will make someone fall in love with you over the rest. Don’t discourage being your true self; you’ll find a partner who loves you for that reason.

Never hide your true self again! Knowing how to translate your unique self into the world of texting can be tricky. These 9 texts are examples that will keep him coming back for more, and that can be tailored to mirror you in your own way.

#1 “I Had A Really Crazy Dream Last Night..”

This is a great way to start a conversation as it’s light-hearted but can still create an intimate feeling. This method shows that you’ll come to him when you have something exciting to share.

This is an endearing quality that will boost his ego and make him want to know more.

Plus, it can be left as a cliffhanger, so you can leave him wondering about you all day!

#2 “I Keep Thinking About Last Night…”

A great way to hint at something that happened, this text is sure to get him wondering. Whether you had a romantic moment together or got physical for the first time, this line forces him to search his memory and reminisce about the evening.

This approach creates lasting memories by embedding key moments in his head and making them special to the two of you. It makes him look back and then look forward as a means to recreate that feeling on future dates.

#3 Sweet Good Night Texts

A sweet text to send him off means he’s likely to fall asleep and wake up thinking about you.

Not only does this show you care, but it also shows him your softer side, which he’ll eventually become more reliant on.

This type of text also lets you tease him a little. Send him off with something to look forward to, and he’ll be dreaming of you all night.

#4 Cute Good Morning Texts

Morning text messages are within the category of cute text messages that guys love.

These texts can follow from last night and create a rolling conversation. They’re ideal for starting regular communication and building a foundation for something bigger.

Plus, you can start to leave your messages till later and see if you can get him chasing a morning message, showing he’s invested.

#5 “You’ll Never Guess What Happened The Other Day!”

This one fits into the realm of funny texts. It’s a way to establish your texting style and share inside jokes that strengthen the growing relationship.

Show off your fun side and send funny memes to accompany the conversation. This way, he’ll see a new side of you and undoubtedly come back for more.

Another great point about texts in this format is that you can send them and wait a while. Leave him wondering what on earth you could be on about, why you’re telling him and when you’ll give him the answer. He’ll be hanging on your every word!

#6 “You’d Love What I’m Wearing Right Now”

This is a great one to up the pace a little. You can send this text even if nothing physical has happened yet. It’s a great way to start on the sexy texts and let him know you’re ready for the next step.

Again, leave this one a few minutes longer before replying. You’ll make his imagination run wild.

#7 “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You”

Letting a guy know you’ve been spending time thinking about him is a great way to keep him chasing you for interaction.

This is a text that will slightly massage his ego. He’ll want you to elaborate, at which point you can start to tease him more.

This will offer him a clear sign that you two are headed somewhere, and he’ll begin to interact more and more.

#8 “I Can’t Sleep… Entertain Me?”

Perfect for experimenting with seductive texts. This one’s for showing your cards and giving him the green light for intimacy.

This is one of those sexy texts he’ll love to receive, no matter how far into your relationship. It also lays the foundation for your unique communication style when it comes to sex.

You’ll find with flirty messages, your emotional connection might grow, providing one of the important pillars of a healthy relationship.

#9 “I Have A Surprise For You”

A text like this will do several things to your man:

  • He’ll be desperate for your next date
  • It’ll playfully tease him
  • He’ll feel special
  • He’ll chase you for years

This text is slightly mysterious, and it’s one you can use over and over.

Throughout your relationship, you’ll want to maintain some mystery and spontaneity to keep things fresh. This is one of those perfect examples of ways to get him chasing you so that he’ll never stop.

The Art of Timing: When to Send the Perfect Flirty Text

Flirty text messages are crucial at the beginning of a relationship. They do one of two things:

  1. They clarify this isn’t strictly platonic
  2. They keep you thinking about each other all-day

Flirty texts are perfect for sending any time of day. They act as a gentle reminder that something exciting is happening. Send them to your new man in the morning, during work or last thing at night to stay on his mind.

The Importance of Personalisation

At the foundation of any successful relationship lies personalisation. This is something that should be established even in the early stages of communication.

Sending texts that authentically show your personality is a great way for the two of you to brand your own personal form of communication.

This is something that should shine through your texts to allow you to truly get to know each other and strengthen that emotional connection.

Golden Rule: Don’t Show Too Much Interest Too Early On!

It’s important to make your intentions clear in order to achieve effective communication.

However, when starting out texting, you must be clear on each other’s intentions before investing too much.

Looking after yourself as number one is crucial when exploring a new relationship. You want to explore different flirty texts while staying safe and ensuring you’re headed somewhere serious.

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How do I get him to chase me over text?

Start by sending a few light-hearted messages and slowly introduce more engaging topics of conversation. As the conversation deepens, you can get into the flow. Consider “cliffhanger” texts that leave them wanting more.

What texts get a man’s attention?

Flirty texts hinting at something more than friendship get a man’s attention. Create intrigue with phrases that suggest you’re thinking about them often, and make it romantic. Comments based on what you’re wearing and how you feel are great for grabbing and holding a man’s interest.

How do you give a man butterflies?

Make him feel special. Compliment him regularly and share experiences that make memories you can both reflect on. You want him to know that you respect his core values and feel the same, letting him know you have something special you can work on.

How to make him miss you?

Use texting to your advantage. Make sure you don’t bombard him with texts but instead focus on sending messages strategically when he’s least expecting it.

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