The 7 Best Singles Nights in London

Dating in London can be hard! That doesn’t mean it’s impossible though. Whether you’re looking for love, a casual hook-up or just to meet new people, there are plenty of singles events in London. To save you trying to work out which single events in London are the best we’ve done the work for you.

Use our helpful guide to help you find the best singles nights in London to help up your dating game and meet new people who are just like you!

From secret speakeasies to swanky rooftop bars and chic clubs, here’s our pick of the best singles events to find other single people in the capital.

Our Top Picks for Singles Nights in London:

1. Tantra speed dating
2. Speed dating at 100 Wardour Street
3. Skiddle singles parties
4. Thursday – The offline dating app
5. Squid Game Dating party
6. Date in a Dash singles parties
7. Cocktails & Conversation – Upscale singles parties

Speed Dating London

Speed dating might feel a little old-fashioned but it’s a great way to meet a lot of people in one night and have fun doing it. You’ll get to chat with potential dates for around four minutes at a time before moving on. It’s fast-paced, exciting, and fun to meet so many single people in such a short space of time.

Here are some of our best picks for speed dating in London.

Tantra Speed Dating

If the idea of sitting at a small table with a complete stranger for four minutes in an endless cycle of introductions sounds like hell, you’ve got to give Tantra Speed Dating a go! Truly a speed dating company with a difference, this unique take on the traditional speed dating format combines yoga, mindfulness and, of course, tantra to help you find your perfect match.

These speed dating events feature a relationship skills class that helps singles find their roles in a relationship which can lead to much healthier relationships moving forward. Even if you don’t find your perfect match doing downward dog, you can learn some skills to help your dating life in general.

Speed Dating at 100 Wardour Street

If you’re willing to give speed dating a go but don’t want to head to your local pub for an event, speed dating at 100 Wardour Street is ideal! Set in the heart of Soho, this fancy brunch spot is the perfect place to do some classy speed dating.

The venue itself is super cool and creates a fun, relaxed vibe to get to know other, like-minded singles. Best of all, the restaurant turns into a nightclub after dark Thursday to Saturday to let you dance the night away with anyone who catches your eye.

The speed dating events here are organised and hosted by the venue itself so keep an eye on their socials to find out when the next event is.

Singles Events London

If speed dating events aren’t really your scene, there are plenty of other singles events in London singles that are a lot more chill. If the idea of having to introduce yourself to every other person at an event stresses you out, our pick of singles events in London is going to be right up your street.

Here are our top singles events in London to help get you out there and meet new people.


Skiddle is a company that specialises in dating in London. They put on events throughout the year where London singles can come, socialise, eat, drink, and hang out. There’s a lot less pressure at one of Skiddle’s events than at a speed dating night.

One of the best things about Skiddle dating events is that they’re fun and creative. The company have been known to host singles jenga nights that create some hilarious moments that are perfect for meeting new people. They also tend to hold these events in interesting places such as rooftop bars and under viaducts.

Skiddle categorises many of its events into age groups and sexual orientations to make things easier and prevent the number of guests from getting overwhelming.


We’re not just suggesting that you go out on a Thursday to try and meet new people. Thursday is actually a dating app, but don’t worry, it’s not like Tinder. Thursday describes itself as an offline dating app.

The Thursday dating app is only able to be used one day a week, you guessed it, a Thursday. Every Thursday, the company hosts exclusive events for its members across London. You can also just meet up with someone you match with that day.

Thursday take over venues around the city and turn them into a space for singles to mingle and have a good time one night a week. It’s the perfect antidote for anyone who’s sick of constant swiping and online small talk.

Squid Games Dating

If you’re looking for something completely unique and fun, you can’t go wrong with the Squid Games dating event. As the name suggests, this singles event is based on the popular Netflix show Squid Game.

This themed dating event is the perfect opportunity to meet someone who shares your interest in TV shows at the very least. All attendees get to know each other at the bar before the game begins so you won’t feel like you’re at a corporate team building event.

Once the games begin, you get to work with other singles to complete games from the TV show. To up the competition a bit, there’s a cash prize to be won that can create the perfect after-party for you and someone who caught your eye. As far as singles parties go, this is a fun one!

Date in a Dash

If you’ve been on the dating scene for a while, you’re sure to have come across Date in a Dash. This is a singles party company similar to Skiddle. They do host speed dating events across London, but their singles parties are what really earns them a place on this list.

Date in a Dash is another company that conveniently categorises its dating events into age ranges. They’re also brilliant at organising a fun, themed singles party to help you bond with other London singles.

Their singles ghost walk is one of the most popular events they hold. It gives you a chance to explore the city, take in some spooky sights, and chat with like-minded people all alongside a classic pub crawl. They also host classic singles parties at popular rooftop bars if you just want to go and hang out with other single people.

Cocktails & Conversation

A speed dating event, online dating, and themed single events can be fun, but sometimes you just want to get dressed up and chat with other professional singles to form some meaningful connections. That’s where Cocktails & Conversation come into play.

Cocktails & Conversation is an exclusive members club that offers luxurious, unique events to help you connect with other single people and network. Many of their events are more upscale than some of the other singles parties mentioned on this list.

You don’t have to be a member to attend an event, they release a limited number of tickets to non-members so you can try it before signing up. It’s important to note that many of the venues they host have strict dress codes so don’t get caught out in your trainers.

Tips For Exploring Singles Events London

Now you know what types of singles events are available to you, you’ve got to know how to approach them to get the most out of them. We’ve got a few helpful tips to help you go into these events with the right mindset. You never know, you might be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Go in With an Open Mind

The most important thing when speed dating or attending a singles night is to go in with an open mind. Having expectations when you go to a singles event can turn a fun night into a disaster.

Instead of hoping that you’ll find your soul mate as soon as you enter the room, focus on the fact that these are social events. You might meet some new friends, you might find someone you’re attracted to, or you might just have a night out instead of on the sofa binging Netflix.

Invite Friends for Moral Support

Singles parties and speed dating are busy events that can overwhelming. Meeting new people to build relationships is all about putting your best self on display. This can be difficult when you’re nervous. When you start dating, going to group events on your own can be terrifying and ultimately not very successful.

If you have some single friends, you can invite them along with you to give you some moral support and so you have someone to talk to no matter how daunting it is. If you have friends who aren’t single, you can still bring them to a lot of events, just make sure you check before you turn up with them.

Persevere With Different Events

As you’ve seen from our list, there are so many different types of singles events you can go to. This means not all of them are going to be your cup of tea. Just because you go to a singles cocktail party at Mint Leaf Lounge and hate it doesn’t mean you should give up on these events.

There are so many themed dating events in London that you’re sure to find something that piques your interest regardless of the fact other singles are there.

Remember to Have Fun!

No matter what kind of dating you’re exploring, the one thing you need to remember is to have fun! Let go of your expectations, throw away the calendar counting how many days you’ve been single, and throw yourself into it.

Singles parties are just like any other kind of party except all the guests are single. There’s no pressure and no need for soulless, repetitive text introductions, all you need to do is turn up and have a good time! If you meet someone, it’s just a bonus.

Meet New People Dating Across London

There’s no shortage of fun, interesting singles events across London. If you’re bored of mainstream dating apps or feel like you’re stuck in a dating rut, these nights can be a great way to freshen things up and meet new people. From speed dating to wine tasting, you can find the perfect event for you.

If you’re ready to look for a serious relationship, why not sign up for early access to the Finding The One app?


What is Tantra Speed Dating, and how does it differ from traditional speed dating?

Tantra speed dating might sound scary, but it’s actually a super fun way to approach speed dating. Instead of sitting across a tiny table, you’ll be sitting on the floor doing a lotus pose opposite your assigned partner.

You still rotate partners like in traditional speed dating, but you’ll be doing yoga poses with them instead of just chatting. You also get some relationship skills to help you build relationships in the future.

How can I approach singles events in London with an open mind for the best results?

It can be difficult to go to singles events without a preconceived notion of what it’s going to be like, especially if it’s your first time. You probably have nightmare images of the city’s most desperate singles all trying to find the one, but that’s simply not the case.

Most singles parties and speed dating events are full of interesting people just like you. They’re just normal, London singles who are looking to meet someone that shares their interests or aspirations.

How can singles events in London help improve my dating life?

Attending a speed dating event can be daunting and you want to know you’re going to get something out of it. Luckily, there’s no world in which you won’t get something out of attending a singles event. You might end up finding the one, you might make some new friends, or you might learn that large, group events aren’t for you. Either way, you’ve gained something.

What should I do if I didn’t enjoy a particular singles event in London?

As we’ve mentioned above, you’re not going to enjoy every singles event in the city. If you come across one you don’t like, you can leave whenever you want to. It’s a good idea to work out what it was you didn’t like about it so you can avoid the same disappointment at future events. 

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