Beyond the Obvious: Subtle Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You

Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You

Whether you’re flirting, dating or in a new relationship, everyone wants to know when they’re on someone’s mind. Luckily, our dating experts have done their research to discover the top 7 signs someone is constantly thinking about you, and some are more obvious than others!

While overt expressions of attraction or interest are easy to decipher, it’s the understated gestures and signs that can reveal a deeper truth. 

So, join us on a journey of discovery to understand the less obvious signs you’re occupying an important spot in someone’s thoughts.

Delving Deeper: The Less Obvious Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

We all know that there are some common signs someone is thinking about you. Body language, direct communication, and gifts are all obvious signs that you’re on someone’s mind, but people aren’t always obvious. Sometimes, our genuine interest in people is subtle, understated, and even subconscious.

To help you decipher the inner workings of your love interests subconscious, we’ve researched and curated a definitive list of the more subtle signs someone is thinking about you. 

These include: 

  1. Goosebumps
  2. Ringing Ears
  3. Mood Changes & Fleeting Memories
  4. Frequent Visits to Your Dreams
  5. If You’re on Their Mind, You’re on Their Feed
  6. Story Views & Thinking of You
  7. Synchronistic Encounters

Plus, at the end of this article, we’ve shared three stories that we’re sure you’ll relate to! 

Subtle Physical Signs

Some of the more common subtle signs someone is thinking about you manifest in physical reactions. These are more noticeable to us and may signify a deep connection with the other person.

1. Goosebumps

One of the most common physical sensations we experience when someone is thinking about us is goosebumps or cold shivers. 

Ever felt those unexplained chills down your spine? In some parts of the UK, you may have heard the phrase “Someone’s walking over your grave”, but this can also be a subtle, spiritual sign that someone is thinking of you.

They happen in moments of emotional intensity or when someone’s got you on their mind. So pay attention when the goosebumps creep in! 

If they appear out of the blue, it could mean you’re renting space in someone’s thoughts. Some see these goosebumps as a sneaky sign of a mysterious, unspoken connection between souls.

According to Healthline “When you’re experiencing extreme emotions, the human body responds in various ways. Two common responses include increased electrical activity in the muscles just under the skin and increased depth or heaviness of breathing. These two responses appear to trigger goosebumps.”

2. Ringing Ears

Another physical sensation that can often be overlooked is a ringing sensation in your ears. If you’re hearing random ear ringing, it’s like your brain’s Morse code saying, “Someone’s thinking about you!”. This is a strong sign that shouldn’t be ignored.

From a spiritual standpoint, right ear ringing could be your guardian angels saying, “Hey, good vibes coming your way!” Meanwhile, left ear ringing might be a gentle reminder like, “Hey, proceed with caution, buddy!”

Emotional & Mental Indicators

It isn’t just physical signs you should be looking out for. Emotional and mental indicators can signify a strong emotional connection between you and the person thinking about you.

3. Mood Changes & Fleeting Memories

Sudden and severe mood swings that manifest for no apparent reason can be a subtle sign that someone is thinking about you. This unexplained, sudden surge of emotion can be caused by shifts in energy fields.

They often happen unexpectedly and can range from positive energy with feelings of joy and happiness to negative energy with feelings of sadness or anxiety. This is often a subtle psychic signal that you share a deep emotional connection and you feel what they feel.

If you’ve ever had someone suddenly pop into your head, seemingly out of the blue, this can be what is known as fleeting memories. Sometimes, when we share a strong emotional bond with someone and have a shared history, random memories can arise when they think of you.

You can be sitting in a coffee shop or a taxi when a memory can suddenly flash into your mind. The closer your bond with the person thinking of you, the more intense and vivid the memories will be.

Dr Helen Fisher, PhD, is an expert in human attraction and shared in a recent talk that mood swings can be a red hot sign of attraction and that someone is thinking about you. (she’s also Chief Science Advisor to the Internet dating site, so really knows her stuff!).

4. Frequent Visits to Your Dreams

When you frequently dream about someone, it’s easy to think that it’s you who’s thinking about them. That isn’t always the case. Some dream interpretation suggests that when someone frequently appears in your dreams, whether as a main character or in a supporting role, that person may be constantly thinking about you.

If you’re not sure how frequently someone is popping into your dreams, you can start a dream journal. Make sure you fill it in as soon as you wake up to avoid the dream slipping away. This can help you decode your dreams and find patterns within them.

Christina Jeffrey, LMHC, a qualified and well-respected clinical advisor, suggests that dreams are a way for your brain to unload your subconscious mind and explore feelings or thoughts you might not approach during a conscious state. 

Digital & Social Media Signs

The modern world we live in is filled with new, subtle signs someone is thinking about you. There are plenty of ways someone can show they’re thinking about you in the digital realm without needing any psychic abilities.

5. If You’re on Their Mind, You’re on Their Feed

You no longer have to look out for a sudden itch or random hiccups; instead, just look at your phone. Seeing a notification pop up from your social media accounts saying that someone has liked some of your older content might not even register to you, but it can be significant.

Taking the time to scroll back through your pictures and posts takes time and significant emotional investment. This particular person could be curious about you or feeling nostalgic about when you used to spend time together.

6. Story Views & Thinking of You

A similar but much more subtle sign that someone is thinking of you is viewing your stories on social media. Again, there isn’t a burning sensation or psychic power in this sign, but there is definitely a spiritual connection. If someone is looking at your stories on a regular basis, it’s a clear indication you’re on their mind.

If you look into the insights for your social media stories, you can see who has watched each story, if they skipped it, and if they came back to it more than once. This takes a bit of intentional searching, but it can help to explain feelings of an emotional connection on a subconscious level.

According to Pew Research Centre, 70% of social media users aged 18-29 said they had used social media to check up on someone they used to date or be in a relationship with. 

Environmental Cues

Sometimes, the subtle signs someone is thinking of you are apparent in your environment. In the same way as the above signs, you don’t need psychic abilities to decipher these cues.

7. Synchronistic encounters

Ever experienced running into someone you’ve been pondering over or received a call or text out of the blue? These synchronistic encounters aren’t just mere coincidence – they’re the universe’s witty way of letting you know you’ve been on their mind, too. 

So, next time it happens, take a playful guess; you might just be pleasantly surprised!

Three Examples You Can Use to Tell if Someone is Thinking About You

Knowing the signs is one thing, but how do you know their eye twitches are more than just nerve irritation? How can you tell if something is happening for natural reasons or because the universe is trying to tell you something? 

Here are some real-life examples to help you tell if someone is thinking about you.

Odd Synchronicities

If you go to the same gym at the same time most days, you get to know who you’re likely to see there. We’re creatures of habit, after all. 

But on a few of your sessions, let’s say you notice that someone who normally leaves the gym mid-way through your session is starting to arrive and leave later to match up with your session. 

This shows they’re thinking about you and subconsciously trying to synchronise your workouts.

If they’re constantly thinking about you, your workouts might begin to sync to the same routine. They may even ask that you spot each other at some point; you’ll feel their positive energy drawing you closer together.

Digital Connections

Having social media accounts is a great way to invite subtle signs from the universe that someone is thinking about you. If you post to your stories regularly, you may begin to notice that the same person is always the first to view your posts and videos

This is a sure sign that they’re thinking about you.

They may even have notifications turned on so they don’t have to miss anything you post. 

Viewing your stories can soon turn into liking your posts, even the old ones, and even commenting directly on your page. This shows that you’re on their mind all the time.

Read the Signs

Sometimes, the signs someone is thinking of us can be right in front of our faces, even if we don’t see it! 

This might manifest as noticing the name of someone from your past appearing everywhere you go. There might be a character in a movie with their name, then the barista who makes your coffee has the same name; soon, you start noticing it on signs, advertisements, and even at work!

This can be one of a few psychic signs someone is thinking about you and putting that energy out into the universe!

Know With Confidence You’re On Someone’s Mind

The universe is known for throwing out subtle signs we may or may not catch. The more you think about it, the more you might realise there are subtle signs all around you. You might even notice that these signs begin to manifest as you use the Finding The One app.

Have you noticed any of these signs during your dating journey? Let us know in the comments!


Are All Signs Someone is Thinking of You Psychic?

Not all the signs you experience require psychic abilities. Although psychic or subconscious signs are common, such as goosebumps, cold shivers, and mood swings. There are also plenty of physical and environmental signs that are much easier to spot.

What Should You Do If Someone is Thinking About You?

If you’re getting all the signs someone is thinking about you, it’s entirely up to you what you do about it. If you find yourself thinking about them too, you can take the plunge and reach out to them to get something started! You can even mention that you know they were thinking about you if you’re brave enough!

Can Someone Tell If I’m Thinking of Them?

Ultimately, yes! If you’re able to sense when someone else is thinking about you, they can sense when you’re thinking about them. When the universe aligns, you’ll both be thinking about each other at the same time, and you’ll just be waiting for one of you to make the first move!

Why is Someone Always On My Mind?

There are many reasons why you might not be able to get someone off your mind. The most common reason is that you want to reconnect with them or connect with them further. Whether it’s a friend or a lover you’re thinking of, it’s usually a sign that you should reach out and strengthen your bond.

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