Is He Flirting Or Just Friendly? 7 Obvious Signs He Likes You

7 Obvious Signs He Likes You

Modern dating is full of confusion and mixed signals, so we don’t blame you for ignoring what’s staring you in the face!

If you’re craving a guy’s attention but unsure if he’s just a friend, we’ve got your back! Finding The One has all the dating advice and knowledge you need to help you recognise the telltale signs and know how to act on them.

We’ve listed 7 extremely obvious signs to help you decide if he’s genuinely interested. Plus, we have tips on what to do next so you can’t back out of finding happiness!

Read on for the advice of experts in all things relationships and find out if he’s really into you.

#1 He’s Always Finding Excuses to Talk to You

There’s a reason this obvious sign is number 1. If you’re constantly seeing that guy in your DM’s or inbox, you can be sure he’s trying to make a move.

But what if you’re hanging out in a group or working in the office? How do you know he’s not just being friendly?

Has He Double Checked Your Relationship Status?

If you weren’t sure, this is a good sign that he’s interested.

Checking once is small talk. But checking twice? This is an obvious sign that he wants to ensure no other guys are on the scene.

Double-checking if you’re available may also be a tactic to decide if you’re open to a new relationship. By asking about your current status, he may be trying to determine if you’re deliberately off the market or if he has a shot at being a potential partner.

Why He’s Watching Your Favourite Films

Did you mention your favourite film and he watched it that very weekend?

Exploring things he knows you’re interested in means he can be sure you’ll engage in conversation. This is his way of starting a conversation and getting to know you more!

Why He Keeps Asking You Random Things

Is he always asking you random questions? Asking your opinion on specific topics, what you think about his new haircut, or just simply getting to know more about you – this is a sure sign he’s interested in finding out more.

This demonstrates that he cares about what you have to say and wants to hear your thoughts.

#2 His Body Language Speaks Volumes

Pay attention to his body language: when he talks to you, does it stay within the boundaries of a friendly gesture? Or has it gone beyond that into something more intimate?

The Meaning of Prolonged Eye Contact

If he meets your gaze and holds it, it’s a clear sign he’s interested. He’s likely wondering whether to say something engaging or even find a way to get a little closer.

Deep eye contact is also someone’s way of letting you know they’re listening to you. He’s trying to connect on a deeper level and wants you to know it too!

Understanding Body Language as a Love Language

Understanding the importance of love language is so crucial, especially when it comes to potential or new relationships. Understanding someone’s love language (the ways in which they choose to show love and affection) means you can pick up on their more subtle signs and find a way to bridge any communication gaps.

Body language is a very common form of love language. Physical touch is an incredibly warm and universally understandable way of letting someone know how you feel.

If he’s shifting his body in your direction or even attempting to throw an arm around you or hold your hand, you know what’s happening.

#3 He Remembers the Little Details and Wants to Know More

A true sign you’ve found a great catch that really likes you: he’s holding onto your every word.

If he remembers all the details from conversations you may not even remember having, it’s a good sign that he’s taking note of everything important to you. Paying attention to your every word is not a quality you want to pass on!

The Importance of Meaningful Conversations

Finding somebody who listens and really engages with everything you say, however big or small, means you can begin to have more in-depth and meaningful conversations.

If you’re getting to know each other on a more personal level, it’s a big sign things are moving in the right direction.

#4 He Goes out of His Way for You

Finding someone who really wants to prioritise and make time for you isn’t always that common. The effort he puts in speaks volumes.

If he’s always saying yes to plans or helping you with small tasks, you can be sure this guy likes you!

Moving Plans and Making Time

Moving plans around is a big deal. It shows he’s desperate to spend more time with you! Fitting you into his current work and social life is a telltale sign that he’s keen to see you and make plans.

Picking Up All Your Texts and Calls

Is he a man who never misses your text messages? The same rule goes for making regular plans.

You’re becoming more important to him!

This is a huge sign he likes talking to you and wants to keep the conversation going. Keep it up, and see where it goes!

#5 He Constantly Talks to You About His Friends and Family and You to Them

Talking fondly about you to his friends and family is a big sign that he’s feeling the love!

If he’s introducing you as part of the group, it shows how comfortable he is with you. He can introduce you, trust that you can make a good impression, and hold your own in any situation. It also shows that he wants you to become more involved in his life.

Talking to you about his most personal relationships means he feels he can trust you. He wants your opinions and advice above all others, and he sees that you can become a team together!

#6 Social Media Hints: He’s Revealing His Feelings Online

If you find him more present in your online notifications, chances are you’re not just becoming best friends.

Frequently liking your posts and engaging with your online accounts shows he’s thinking about you, even if you’re not with each other or even texting at a particular moment.

Adding All Your Socials

If you’re not too far into the chatting stage, or you’ve only just met, but you notice him adding and following all your accounts, you can bet your bottom dollar that the man’s interested in you.

This is a pretty obvious one. He’s getting to know you and finding new avenues to connect with you in the virtual world. Let him in and get the ball rolling!

Why is He Always Online?

Seeing someone online constantly can be confusing and knock your confidence. You may have doubts that he’s speaking to other women or looking elsewhere.

On the contrary, if you’re sensing he’s into you in real life, his frequent online activity is actually more likely to be down to constantly checking if you, too are available to message! Checking your active status shows he’s wondering about your activity and wants to reach out to you.

#7 His Behaviour is Consistent

Finally, if you’re noticing all the previous signs, but it still feels unclear: assess his behaviour over a period of time.

Consistency is like a neon sign flashing that this guy likes you. If his actions and words stay consistent, you can be sure he’s interested in taking things further.

Keeping Promises

Making plans, but then not following through? That’s definitely a no-no. His behaviour should be consistent, and he should keep his promises. If he’s really into you, he will make sure to stick around and not leave any room for doubt in your mind that this could be something serious.

Avoiding Mixed Signals

A guy who’s sending you mixed messages is not a keeper. If you’re hearing one thing from his texts but seeing another from his physical actions, this might be a tell-tale sign that you should step away and stop wasting your time.

“Does He Like Me?” – Forcing Yourself to Recognise the Signs

Whether it’s events from the past that have knocked your confidence or you’re just a little hesitant to take the plunge when it comes to love, we should all be brave enough to recognise these signs and act on them.

If you know, you know. If your guy is dropping every hint in the book, and you’re getting those feelings of excitement, it’s time to take the plunge. You’ve got something to gain and nothing to lose!

How to Respond When You’re Sure He’s Interested

Now you’re sure he’s into you, there are a few ways to respond. You could go the traditional route and flirt back or make it easy for him and let him know how you feel.

It can be uncomfortable at the moment, but if it’s genuine, it’ll be worth it!

Spend Time Planning

This doesn’t mean to say you should sit and dwell, but taking some time to sit and plan your next move can help you create a start to a possible relationship that’s personal to the two of you whilst allowing you to feel confident in your actions.

Moving Forward: Planning the Perfect Dates

Seeing how you can build a special connection with each other is the best way to go about exploring this new relationship.

So don’t be apprehensive: If it feels right and all signs point in the same direction, it’s time to move on from just friends and see what happens next.

Ideal First Dates

If you’ve been getting to know each other a while, and he’s actively shown the 7 obvious signs he likes you, you might already have some inside jokes and things personal to your relationship to build on.

Planning the perfect first date can follow on from any one of those things and help you to create lasting memories that provide the perfect foundation!

Visiting a location you’ve spoken about a lot or seeing a movie that you’re both desperate to see can help to solidify these things you have in common and create a bond that can be easily built upon.

Sticking to a 3-Date Rule

Something that often sticks in the back of our minds when we begin dating someone new is when to take the plunge and get physical.

It’s important to remember that these guidelines, such as the 3-date rule, kissing on the first date, etc., etc., are all based on your own preferences.

There is no pressure to move at a particular pace. If you’ve met someone and it’s working for both of you, keep that line of communication open and just do what feels right!

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How do you test if a guy likes you?

Pay attention to his body language, how consistent he is with his behaviour and words, how much effort he puts into talking to you and being around you, as well as looking out for any social media hints. If all of these signs are pointing in the same direction, chances are things are moving in the right direction!

How to tell he’s dropping hints?

If he’s double texting, repeating himself and actively pursuing more conversation, you can take these as big hints that he really likes you. Follow his conversations and add your own spin to topics to let him know you’re really engaged and interested in taking things further!

Does he like me, or is he just playing games?

If you’re feeling unsure of where his head is at, consider how consistent he’s been over a period of time. If his words and behaviour remain consistent, it’s a strong sign he means it. He’s investing his time and is working towards moving forward.

Are we just friends?

If you’re still unsure if he’s into you, take a step back and look at your conversations. Is the dialogue going beyond platonic? Does he make an effort to keep in touch with you often, and is it with more interest than a general catch-up? Dissecting his language and actions will be a good indicator of whether this is a friendly relationship or blossoming into something more.

How do I know if he’s genuinely interested?

If he makes you feel special, prioritised, and like your forming relationship is really starting to mean something to him, it’s a big sign he’s feeling serious about you two. Take this as a sign to move forward, show him you’re interested, too and see what happens next!

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