Dating 101: How Many Dates Before Making Your Relationship Official?

Dating 101

If you’ve been dating someone for a while, chances are you’re having all the feelings. And having all the feelings comes with new burning questions like “Have we been on enough dates to start a serious relationship?”

Dating is tricky, there is no doubt about it. Bringing up the conversation of a committed relationship can be incredibly daunting if you’re worried about how your potential partner may react.

It’s not necessarily about whether you’ve only been on four dates or you’ve had ten dates. It all depends on how the two of you are bouncing off of each other and whether you feel like you’re on the same page.

Knowing The Signs Your Relationship Status Should Change

There are several telltale signs for knowing you’re ready for the next step. These are based mostly on your own intuition and reading into hints and lines that your date has dropped that make your stomach do that excited little flip.

But here are our top signs to look out for:

You’re Regularly At Each Other’s Place

If they’re beginning to fit into your weekly routine, or you’re finding time for each other to stay over and get closer, it’s a good sign that things are already serious!

They’re Introducing You To The People They Care About

Meeting their friends and family means they want you to be a part of their closer network and more involved in their life.

A person’s friends and family offer the opinions they hold most dear. If you’re introduced to mum, they’re serious enough to think you’re both ready for this step and that you’re going to make a good impression.

You See Them In Everything

If you’re starting to notice items or clothing they’d like in every shop window, bring them into every conversation, and you’re thinking about them all the time, then they’re probably about to form a big part of your life.

These are huge signs that you should pull them up and pop the “where is this going” question!

How To Bring Up The Relationship Talk

Regardless of how many dates you’ve been on, bringing up the conversation is always going to be nerve wracking.

The best approach is to simply go for it and explain your feelings. It’s better to bring it up sooner rather than later so that you’re both on the same page and can continue enjoying each other’s company.

There is no real tip or sentence starter. As long as you are bold and straightforward and include the words “official relationship”, then you’re off to a good start.

If you’re stuck for ideas, you can possibly bring up how many dates you’ve been on and that it might be time to take a step further. Let the conversation flow from there and discuss your long-term relationship.

Making Your Relationship Official

Once you’ve been on a few dates and had ‘the chat’, it’s time to stop casually dating and jump into an exclusive relationship!

There is no hard and fast rule of how to go about making things official. You’re still in the early stages, and you want to enjoy these moments and grow.

Introducing your partner to more events with each other’s friends and family is a great way to make your relationship official publicly, so you can feel more comfortable at home and out and about.

If you’re getting more involved in each other’s social lives, it’s important to make sure you’re not letting a friend become too much of a relationship coach! You are with each other because you share the same values, laugh at the same jokes and have a great time!

Everyone’s relationship is unique. Most importantly, the two of you should enjoy the jump from the casual dating scene and into a committed relationship, sharing in things that make this relationship different from the number of dates and relationships you may have had before.

Dating can be tricky, but with the right conversation, you can make sure you’re both on the same page in terms of what you want now and in the future!

Establishing A Long Distance Relationship

If you and your significant other live far away, it can be hard to make the relationship official.

In order to make a long-distance relationship work, both of you must be committed to maintaining communication. This means finding time in your schedules to stay connected via phone calls or video chats, and sending thoughtful notes or small care packages to each other.

How many dates you have been on may differ from your peers due to the distance, and you may find yourself comparing yourself to others and wondering if you’re jumping too soon. 

Remember that long-distance relationships are unique in comparison to most folks’ relationships, and you shouldn’t get bogged down with others’ opinions.

Establishing an official relationship in a long-distance dynamic can be more nerve-wracking than proposing a normal relationship. But proving to someone that you’re willing to make that jump and sacrifice certain elements of a relationship to be with them is a true sign that things can work well!

Dating in London can often feel long distance if your work schedules don’t match and you’re a fair few tube stops away. Finding the right match will enable you to pick up the phone and take the risk!

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How Many Dates Before You Become A Couple?

There are no set rules or a decent guide to how many dates make you ready to be a couple. The number of dates needed to get to know somebody fluctuates between couples and is drastically different based on different personalities.

What Is A 5 Date Rule?

The 5 Date Rule is a commonly referred to idea that you should wait until after the fifth date to become intimate or even exclusive with the person you are dating.

Ultimately, it is your choice whether you have a 3, 5 or even 1 date rule. There is no judgement, nor is there a set way for dating to be done.

What Counts As An Exclusive Relationship?

An exclusive relationship is when two people have made a commitment to be in an official relationship. This means that both parties have agreed to only see each other and are committed to one another. You’re on the casual dating scene and ready to start a future with that someone special!

Can You Be Exclusive If You’re Long Distance?

There are no limitations to a long-distance relationship. If you’re in one or would like to start one, you have to follow your own instincts and feelings.

Only you know how you feel about your significant other and how far you are willing to go to make your relationship work.

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